April showers

Well there goes the daylight. The collective is enjoying the early morning light and are inspired. News from Dunedin is that the play was another smashing success as part of the Fringe Festival, but so far we've blogged all-together too much on that.

In the next month we expect to have William Dewey's 'Without a Soul to Move' on the shelves of NZ bookstores, hopefully with a release at William's place of work: Unity Books on Willis St, in Wellington. We are also planning on releasing the text in them United States of 'Merica in August as part of a whirl-wind book-reading tour of his former homeland. We sure hope he comes back!

We'd also like to use this space to thank the crew at www.rebelpress.org.nz for their assistance in the putting together the latest batch of H. Clark.

Look out for some super media coverage in mid-April in one of New Zealand's leading current affairs magazines. Insha'Allah!