Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's to you Mr Robertson

Finally, the Labour ranks have acknowledged the existence of Mr Meros' treatise. Grant Robertson, Labour candidate for Wellington central, has blogged on the play with a short mention of his prior to knowledge of the book's existence. He liked the play, though doesn't design to rate it out of ten or out of thumbs up/down.

OTC&POHCTMAHYL, incidentally, now has 700 copies in print. The dizzying glue fumes! The dizzying smack of success! The slice of the guillotine!

I do believe that Victoria University's Salient has also mentioned the play in its latest, with oscillating claims on the existence of otherwise of Richard Meros. Such a shame that the kids don't spend 10 minutes on a google search before formulating windy hypothesisesises.