"this is your invitation to deeper consecration"

So Richard has said I can't post the email I mentioned in the last post. He even scoffed at the blog: "who writes for free? amateurs..." Anyhow he said that if I wanted to post on anything then it should be real life and real issues and offered the following image which has copyright protection elsewhere, on the internet.

Also, check out the mp3s at the top of the following LINK. I guess none of it makes sense unless you hear the clip of the songs from the album which you can hear here. Tracks one and three, in particular, make a difference to the world.

In other news, while the end of the year didn't bring laurels for Meros it has sexied up his pals Arthur and Sam, who have been called all numbers of different sexy names in the last month. Meros notes, "shoulda boned 'em while I could..."