Communique from Richard Meros:


as James has written, I am heading overseas in a few weeks. Before then I am spending time with friends and family, as well as launching a seering jihad against tardy payments to the publishing collective. As I have often said and surely will say again, what are university bookstores for if not for buying books from publishing collectives which they then are unable to sell? Actually, those most disappointing and likely to feel the mujahadeen's brunt are the non-University, indepedent bookstores from Timaru through to Hamilton who have so diappointed our cooperative members.

In sad news I have not had the use of my arm for the last few days as I paid $270 to be jabbed and innoculated against typhoid and hepatitis A. I am also now the owner of two months maleria medication and some strong anti-biotics to cure the foreseen agony in my puku.

For Waitangi Day, the collective will be attending the Adelaide to watch performances including that of Mr Sterile Assembly, and Te Kupu (from Upper Hutt Posse). Perhaps it would be a good day to ask Dr. Michael Cullen if he'd like to have a cup of coffee and talk constitution. Ka whawhai tonu matou....

(though this one also has a sweet video, but no embed link)