Print Pals

Rebel Press (Wellington, New Zealand)

We’ve been palling around this bunch for nigh on five years. We first got tight talking about binding technique and local printshops. Then their Trades Hall locale released Valerie Morse’s Against Freedom, bought a guillotine, printer and binder and we got especially close. Lawrence & Gibson and Rebel Press are like old pals now, rocking our rocking chairs as the glue fumes dilate our souls. They have a poster of me and Will on their wall with a sign that says something like ‘the boss’, or ‘business opportunity’. I like to think that we help them too, you know, to pay the rent.

I would say that we share air, recycling bins and some (but not all) political aims and intents.

Titus Books (Auckland, New Zealand)

Me and Sarah went to Auckland so that I could say that I’d shown her around NZ a bit. I got in touch with Brett Cross and Scott Hamilton, and they suggested that we meet for a beer at the Puhoi pub, where Kendrick Smithyman used to dwell. I’d actually met Brett once before as he toured with Bill Direen and his well built backing band. I’d given Brett a copy of Richard Meros salutes the Southern Man, but that version had ‘Meros’ and ‘Salutes’ in the same font, and Bill – being a bit continental – pronounced the name Richard Meros Salutes. Pretty Epic, che. So me and Sarah, Scott and Brett drank our beers. Scott and Sarah talked about Sarah’s work in Georgia and about the Abkhazian conflict. I talked with Brett as we went through our respective catalogues. I remember feeling like we were some sort of separated and lost tribes of underground publishing, that there was a chasm between us and our approaches, but also a willingness to understand what each other were doing. He’s apparently got a guillotine now, and a printer and binder (with a roughener). I hope my advice was useful.

I would say that we share a memorandum of understanding.

Mutable Sound (Portland, OR, USA)

Our new recruit AD Jameson had his book Amazing Adult Fantasy published by Mutable Sound. They live in America, on the West Coast, in Oregon. That means doing swapsies costs way more than it would if I were just sending books to Auckland or Dunedin. But then, first up, Gabe offers to send me a book called A Survey of My Failures This Far with a nice note about how if it were a sequel he’d tag it with “This time it’s personal”.

I would say we share membership in a soon to be solidified international community of publishers, if only we can overcome the issue that Bataille found with Acéphale.