My Tender Launch

Will Dewey's 'My Tender Jaw' has now successfully been launched, released and unleashed upon the masses of Aotearoa.

Thank you to all who attended and helped make the occasion happy. Particular thanks to Unity Books for all their help and fine wine selection. Yet again, Lawrence & Gibson was upstaged in the speech department by Unity staff whose tales and anecdotes left the delivery of Richard Meros' missive in their dust.

Regardless, I felt that a copy of the transcript should be made available for the public:

These are better words for you to read out at the launch:

"Hello, my name is Richard Meros. I am a minor functionary at the Lawrence and Gibson publishing collective, something of an Adolf Eichmann to the decisive plans of tonight's author, William Dewey. You may remember me from the launch of Will's Without a Soul to Move where my impromptu speech on the cirtues of publishing collectives was upstaged by Dylan's back-cracking wit and ball-tingling sincerity. Today I will repeat, for emphasis, what I said that day. No, haha, I will not.

BUT Perhaps some of you in the audience, particularly those who are writer's for publishers who are not collectives, would prefer to ignore the intricate economies and administrative duties of publishing. I would also like to ignore them, so today I will.

So where does that leave a speech by a representative of one of this projects' financial lynchpins? With a "tally-ho and he's a jolly good fellow" for our author and without a soul to improve in our audience. Yes: that is where it leaves us. So without further ado or ardor let me shout (and this is not to be shouted): Long live the author! Long Live William Dewey! - a toast as much to the words unsaid and unsayable as to those silently prayable."

end speech



Will may have been forced from the country you can still pick up a copy of the short story collection from Unity Books in Wellington, or off the Lawrence & Gibson website. It will soon be out in all good book sellers, brokers and thieves around New Zealand, while Mr Dewey is concocting a plan for domination of the publishing industry in the US of eh.

There are also plans afoot for book readings in Seattle by William, more details to come. On the topic of audio, there were numerous suggestions after Will's reading at the launch that we should issue a series of audio books featuring his dulcet tones. We have taken these thoughts on board and are currently fund raising to purchase this piece of hi-tech recording equipment. It takes six size D batteries meaning its upkeep will not be cheap, so any financial or other assistance would be warmly welcome. In turn for those who missed it, here is the podcast of Will's interview on Auckland radio station 95bFM. Enjoy.

As for the future, ours remains unclear but we may follow the recent trends of hip hop: