Nip, Tuck

Sooooo.... old Arts on Sunday censored some of the more vicious racial elements to the laugh tracks that I had played on the show on Sunday the 30th. They cut out a part where a radio call in show caller says that Abbie Hoffman is 'a really stupid jew'. I thought that the clip showed a great response by Hoffman who just giggled at it. The track is #2 on Hoffman's 'Wake Up America!' It can be downloaded from the Pie Man site.... about halfway down on the page.

And then they cut out the part where Amiri Baraka goes on a big old rant against Rockefeller and his ilk. The part cut was from 'rockefeller' in the following part:

cain be rockefeller, he gave amos pootbootie a
scholarship to Behavior
Modification Univ, and Genevieve Almoswhite
works for his foundation
Must be niggers! Cain be Mellon, he gave
Winky Suckass, a fellowship in
his bank put him in charge of closing out
mortgages in the lowlife
Pittsburgh Hill nigger section, caint be him.

I didn't listen to the rest because my mp3 player ran out of gusto... died right in the middle of me talking. Me! Oh wow wow!

So what's the lesson of the day? Privatise National Radio? That's what the Richard Meros of the forthcoming publication 'Privatising Parts' would suggest. Then we could call it Private Radio. Please take these comments in the context of the interview. I am not that worried about it. I wonder how Hoffman or Baraka would feel. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to ask Baraka about it. Maybe I will. Lets see...