Meros Listener article on Pakistan train ride

From behind the pay wall, three weeks since seen in paper, appears the full article of Mr Richard Meros' 28 hour train journey from Lahore to Quetta. It can be accessed at the New Zealand Listener's website. or by clicking 'here'. It is titled 'Give Me Back My Sandals'. Funny story after the jump.

So, the sandals that Meros was wearing at the time had been acquired three nights before at the backpacker-renowned Sufi music night. Meros, and three others, had been to some concert hall where all the sandals were piled up outside. The host, wanting to keep ours separate and safe, put the sandals around a corner. All was well until Meros returned and only two of the original four pairs were present, excluding Meros'. So the host looked at his feet, scoured around the area and bought back a nice pair or blue 'Made in Pakistan' sandals. And that was that!