the self-immolation of a liberal democrat

This weekend, placards down, we will bind the books that are on the browser box to your left: Mero, Gnanalingam, glue and paper. covers to be reemed at 300 gram paper. double siding. the smell of a small anarchist press.

Meros says, "I am most fortunate to live in this, the best of all possible worlds"
Gnanalingam responds, "que droll, you flippant Pangloss. hey, careful with the guillotine."
Neason gleams, "shall I fetch the tacos?"
Sad Girl asks, "is it time for me to jump off the page and into your hearts?"
James Marr announces, "OK, but only for fifteen minutes.. hey weren't you the ones with the free-love theme?"

In unrelated news, but related to the following image.