Friends with Benefits

As the Republicans and Obama continued to play around the Maple Pole, the editorial board (bored editors!) of Lawrence and Gibson completed negotiations with the publishing arm of Mutable Sound on Sunday July 23rd. The two organisations have set down the basis for a distribution deal that will see Mutable Sound distributed in Aotearoa/New Zealand and Lawrence and Gibson books distributed to US buyers.

G Boyer, of Mutable Sound made the following prescient remark in an email that did not have a confidentiality clause attached to it: "I was a little confused in general at the time."

RK Meros replied: "Hi Gabe, I know a little bit about business, but am purposefully ignorant of most stuff."

The two Skype-shook on a deal, the medium of which precluded them from having their hands bound together with flax-twine in the Pagan tradition of Handfasting, as both would have possibly preferred.

Lawrence & Gibson will start supplying AD Jameson's Amazing Adult Fantasy and Gabriel Chad Boyer's A Survey of My Failures This Far as soon as the new moon wanes, or when the courier delivers it, whatever comes first.