Married Married

I don't know what they put in that 'Merican waters but our writer W Dewey is hitching his wagon to some filly's apple cart. Hot Dang! Wedding night! Well that concerns you not, but what concerns you is that his The Homeland of Pure Joy has turned up in our inbox, replete with morbidity, allusions to his vast knowledge of Norwegian death metal (1988-1994) and couch snuggles. We expect to like and release the book.

Dewey recently described The Homeland of Pure Joy (or THOPJ) as "a gushing love letter to Wellington". We'll do our best to get him over here for a launch party at his UNITY haunt. Revisit Wellington history here. Make sure you notice the statue of Frederick Engels pointing to our nation's capital building. Yes! Das Kapital.

One for the newly-weds: