So we were hanging with the Fungi in 07 and Ron said "If you don't got no website, no-one will pay attention to you!"It was one of those warm autumn nights and they were playing the noise too loud. There was lager and smoking on the balcony, looking down the gullet of Cuba St, like a doctor checking tonsils.

So we got bluehost to grab and we got Carla to do the website. There were four books up and we had a submissions page with lyrics from 'Submission' and we had five email addresses, all - numerous emails came through that way. I miss them dearly, even the spam that went to, even the submissions that were sent to us as attachments, like prayers to a defunct deity, like fourth form fantasies that I done got forgot. Damn...

And from .com we linked to this site for our news. But now we are the e-Autocrats. We update, we dabble in html, we go in and out of coherence. We are the webmasters.