October the Something

In early October, to little or no fanfare, Lawrence & Gibson will release a book by Richard Meros called Easy Whistle Solo. There will be a mild press release and softly petted review copies. But it is a genuine story, and one which readers can identify with. It is a story where Meros moves from Satire to Romanticism.

Our BeLoved readers of Zebulon: a cautionary tale, have expressed confusion over that title. 'What in all hell is a Zebulon?' they've asked. Our screenshot has done little to please them.

Originally Zebulon was called The Impotence of Being and Somethingness.
Originally Easy Whistle Solo was called 2029: A Foucauldian Analysis of Yo Momma.

An easy whistle solo is a musical refrain that it is easy to whistle along with. For example, Peter, Bjorn and John's 'Young Folks' chorus. The easy whistle solo only requires lips that are unencumbered by other uses. It only requires memory of a melody. It only requires malady. And it is easy and uplifting, in the same sense that Soren Kierkegaard might be seen to have been.