Chinese Food

Those of you who follow this blog will know that a theatrical adaptation of Richard Meros's Privatising Parts is partially planned. Over Chinese Food - vegan by all accounts - a member of our publishing collective chatted with Heleyni, the actress and adaptor. Across the table were four young Aucklanders. I love young Aucklanders. They were celebrating Gabe's 30th, or one of his brithdays in his 30s. Another of the young Aucklanders was called Rachel. She reviews books. The member of the collective sent her a copy of the book. It arrived, we have now realised, and has been reviewed at the website. You can read the review here. But if you click here, you will find something else. If you really want to just read the review, then you can also click here, or just go back to the original here, back there.

We went to Meros for comment, but the Skype connection was bad. Apparently he is living near Kerikeri for the summer, plotting out some erotic tome or whatnot. He did want it on record that he made good on his promise to vote for Grant Robertson in Wellington Central, due to Grant nailing those three three-pointers that day when him, Will and Meros were on that court near Aro Park. But I can say that Don Franks's 'Caught in the Act' was one of a few inspirations for Meros when he conceived of that book when driving throguh Taihape and also when he typed that book in the Omiyar Hotel in Aleppo. Everyone has their part of play. We love you Don!