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An interview of Richard Meros (author) about Richard Meros has gone live on the Lumiere website. The interview was conducted a month or so ago, before the conductor, Brannavan Gnanalingam had left NZ for the Central Asian silk road. May he travel smoothly amongst the Uzbeks and may there be a special room in hell for Turkmen despots.

Sometimes this whole nom de plume brouhaha reminds one of the 341 word ditty by Jorge Luis Borges titled 'Borges and I'. But imagine that short story if the following two circumstances had occurred: (1) Jorge Luis Borges was actually the pen name of a former Jesuit teacher named Donald Key; (2) a theatrical troupe took the name Jorge Luis Borges and made plays that melded the life of JLB with his stories.

Or if Borges is not to your taste and you think that one is being frivolous, then think of a man called Townes Van Zandt who wrote a song about Pancho and Lefty and who loved it when anyone, even the most miserly of musicians, took the song and interpreted it with their own instruments.

Living on the road my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron
Your breath's as hard as kerosene

Their own instruments, in this case, is Youtube, a sniffly voice, not from a winter cold, mind, but from a real nostalgia induced by identification with the dead. When I say a 'real' nostalgia, I am referring to the suffix -algia, which relates to "pain, grief, distress".