New Meros piece in Hue and Cry 6

It was a shakey, bakey kind of night at the Russian Frost Farmers gallery when the young and gorgeous of Wellington's elite literati got rowdy for the launch of Hue and Cry 6. The night was about three weeks ago, but now the launch has spread copies of the magazine, including Richard Meros' 'On the condition of Donna Awatere's Maori Sovereignty in our nation's libraries', to all major cities of the nation (except Dunedin).

For the best in new writing from A/NZ and some of abroad Lawrence and Gibson recommends these.

Meros reports that if he ever meets Guy Somerset, who commented in the NZ Listener that Meros' piece was "a spot of typical mischieviousness" he will announce himself by pronouncing Guy as "ghee" as in Guy Debord. "You muzt be Ghee. A pleasure," followed by a curtsie. Overall, however, it must be noted that GS has a woody for H&C that a cat couldn't scratch. "Wholly wonderful" he reckons. Meowwwwww.