Cover teaser for $30 Meat Pack/Haiku News News

Well October and November and probably December are going to be busy at Lawrence & Gibson as we have five books scheduled for release. The latest addition to the catalogue-in-progress is Haiku News, edited by Dick Whyte and Laurence Stacey. And while L and G still maintains that they don't publish poetry, this project maintains the poetic as the personal as the political

In other news, Wellington artist Hannah Salmon has reprised her  ‘... bouncing from cloud to cloud on the warm updrafts of his nation’s confidence; on New Zealand’s desperate conviction that politics should be the province of ordinary men and women’ for the cover of Richard Meros' forthcoming $30 Meat Pack. It looks good, eh?
t' to be a L&G book. We'd probably even publish political poetry. Gawd! What am I saying? Soon I will be endorsing guerilla theatre.