Meros on Kim Hill

Hey, remember that time when we were wrapped up on a duvet on the couch and Kim Hill was interviewing that guy who does something with dairy in Brazil and he talked about the 'milkiest of milks'? Yeah? Well now Richard Meros is going to be the guy talking to Kim Hill this Saturday morning and some sexy couple is going to be wrapped up in a different duvet in a different house somewhere in Newtown/Mt Cook area and they're going to be sipping tea and he is going to say something that they find quaint and humerous. They'll repeat it as a trope of that night together. Impossible things...
Siouxsie Sioux (l) and Bill Grundies (r)

...yeah, that's right, Meros on Hill on Meros - 10.05am - 11.00am tomorrow, live on national radio. She's the host with the most right now, internationally awarded. Will she tear Meros a new eye-socket? Will Meros demand that I take down all the links to this interview as soon as it is done? Will he be the Gore Vidal to her William F Buckley? Or a Siouxsie Sioux to her Bill Grundy? Time will tell, 'spose.

If you want to hear it here it goes, but we recommend listening to Maxine Funke's album Felt instead.