The ceremony of consecration

All new books from our collective must be consecrated for our readers. Yes: there is a ceremony with candles and incense and chanting. And Yes: there was blood. But none got on the books.

Sometimes I wonder how other publishers deal with the radical gap between designing and editing a book on the one hand, and the marketing and distribution of it on the other hand. At Lawrence & Gibson we hand-craft our books on semi-automated equipment at the local anarchist press. Where others are alienated from production our staff and most authors have their labour embodied in the books. Thanks to the helpers this time around - you know who you are.

Spines in descending order:
LG015 - William Dewey's The Homeland of Pure Joy
LG013 - Haiku News Anthology edited by Dick Whyte and Laurence Stacey
LG016 - $30 Meat Pack by Richard Meros
LG014 - Easy Whistle Solo by Richard Meros

Two images of binding below the jump.

Spot these:

(1) the tail of the Rebel Press phoenix.
(2) Mr Crimpey.
(3) Petit-bougeois twin pleasures of computing,

Will Dewey measures!