Links for short pieces from summer (admin blues pt.1)

Over summer, the Lawrence and Gibson facebook page has been linking to some of our favourite short pieces by people who have published with us (loathe as I am to call them Lawrence and Gibson authors, as if there was an institution that lay claim to them rather than individuals who lay claim to the corpus of the collective).

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A piece published in the DomPost about traveling along the side of the Panj river which seperates Tajikistan from Afghanistan.
A piece published in Hue and Cry called The Financier's Manifesto and transposing Oscar Wilde's dictums for righteous art onto the financial sector.

A piece published in Werewolf detailing his visit to north-west Uzebkistan, or what the locals call Karakalpakstan where he lounged by a lake and visited an art museum.
A piece published in Werewolf on Jean Eustache's film The Mother and The Whore which is a key inspirtation for his present writing.

What else is there from Ulrich but his short stories on wrapping Roy Orbison in Clingfilm which must be reaching their ten year anniversary of web-lication. Story one is required reading. All else flows from there. Such as this pick-a-path adventure, for experts only.

A short piece published in the Collagist from his 2011 novel Giant Slugs.
A short story, called 'Rock Albany!' as published by Mutable Sound in Amazing Adult Fantasy.

An 'other story' called 'Indolence of Disposition' from his 2009 book My Tender Jaw and other stories.

the five best haiku based on news stories for the week December 10, 2012 at their website.