Short sweet

Sometime after a gnarly review or two, our staff feel a bit like Blanche DuBois when facing a google-suggested hyperlink to a new review. We shuffle about on our office chairs, looking one deep in the eye and affecting a southern vulnerability (not the bellicosity of the modern Southern Man, but the qualities of the Southern Belle). After the batting of an eyelid, we expel: "Lawrence & Gibson has always relied on the kindness of reviewers".

Steeled, we go forward. After the act, the reading as it were, we bat our eyelids again and say "thank you for not being harsh on a vulnerable little press like us".

The thing is, though, it's all gender performance. We're undoing the belt-buckle of Butler. We're hamming it up.

Much love to Bookie Monster for their review of $30 Meat Pack.