They Listenered

Some of the NZ Listener review, with quotable quote from Listener Arts & Books ed. GS: "We like this one, too" - see tweet below.

We hereby claim the right to reproduce a section of the review under the Copyright Act (1994) for fair dealing with reference to 'Criticism, review or news reporting'.

"Gnanalingam observes the homeless guzzling cheap wine from the bottle and the well-dressed patrons of Michelin-starred restaurants gobbling pâté de foie gras and quaffing Languedoc. His protagonist finally realises she has more in common with the former than the latter. Paris is the petri dish in which she comes to terms with her failings as a journalist and a human being.

"It is encouraging to see Lawrence & Gibson being prepared to publish this genre-defying book, which falls between the interstices of fiction, historical non-fiction and feature journalism."

If one has had the foresight to invest in an online subscription, or you are simply curious about the first paragraph or so, consult this link linkity link.