Haiku News

Haiku News Anthology edited by Dick Whyte and Laurence Stacey 

"Since its inception in 2009, Dick Whyte and Laurence Stacey's Haiku News – the newspaper written in the Japanese poetic form of haiku – has continued to promote the idea that ''the personal is the political is the poetical'', allowing writers to share their personal reflections on noteworthy news items, presenting the current political climate in a new, often very personal light. And it is certainly no arena for cheap attempts at word-game haiku. This is a very serious literary journal that documents our times in the short form poetry of writers across the globe. Indeed, the poems that have graced the pages of this unique newspaper since 2009 have, with and without the stories that inspired them, presented some staggeringly exquisite and moving moments of micropoetry."
- Liam Wilkinson from "Introduction to Haiku News"