My Tender Jaw

My Tender Jaw and other stories by William Dewey

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The stories cover pretty much any subject you ever wanted to read about from alienation to Wyoming and Samuel Beckett. There is also one or two featuring a dog.
“Some of the stories in My Tender Jaw go back ten or twelve years. Some were written just a few months ago,” William Dewey says.

“There's no real theme tying them all together, not by conscious choice. But I have noticed little pet notions working their way in, popping up from time to time, ideas that preoccupied me as a much younger writer and preoccupy me still today."
“As a traveler and writer my time and thoughts are porous, and I often find immediate comfort in short stories,” Lawrence & Gibson’s Richard Meros explains.
“Plus, when we first started working with Will Dewey he was meant to be the collective’s cash cow, and in tough economic times such a collection offers great value for money.”
Since his second novel, Dewey has been busy compiling this collection of stories, as well as running a writing workshop with Evolve Youth Centre in Wellington, climbing Mount Victoria and plotting ways to extend his visa.