Women in the Field, One and Two

Women in the Field, One and Two
Thomasin Sleigh

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“I kept going, and I couldn’t go back. I had to make it work, because... because that was all I could do. I didn’t know that there were special rules, a special game, about whose art gets seen and whose art is remembered.”

A young British woman in post-war London is tasked with recommending acquisitions for New Zealand's National Art Gallery. When she ventures into the basement of a charismatic Russian painter three decades her senior, she discovers a solution that reconciles her idea of that far-away country and her own modernist sensibilities. Women in the Field, One and Two explores two women’s creativity and freedom against the backdrop of art history's patriarchal biases.

Thomasin Sleigh’s writing about art and culture has been published widely. Her debut novel, Ad Lib, featured in the New Zealand Listener’s top 100 books of 2014.

ISBN: 9780473442095
Release Date: 2018
Dimensions: 210mm tall, 147mm wide, 15mm deep 

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