There is a light

Busy week for the collective with the printing of LG006 on Wednesday, and (fings crossed) LG005 on Thursday. The above image is one from the zine (zine & not herd [I googled it and it's been used before, so won't be the title of our zine series]).

We're also looking at having the website boosted in the next while with the addition of the above, a submissions link ("I'm on a submarine mission for you baaa-by, I can't figure out your watery love") and a link for purchases that'll go to our friends at Book Cellar.

Oh take me anywhere I don't care I don't care I don't care...

Meros informs me that he is also busy proofing a collection of letters he intends for us to publish in September when the Hel.Clark play returns to Wellington. Notes of encouragement will be passed on.