LG007 - Launch

Photos galore pour into our account from happy snappers at Friday night's shindig in which
Beggars and Choosers: The complete written correspondence between Richard Meros and Creative New Zealand volume one was set free at Downstage in Wellington. The book peered out of its cage before scampering into low foliage. We hope it will breed. Fare-le-well.

Bought for 10 somethings (a Central or South American currency; pesos? besos?) Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther (1962, Signet: New York. tr. Catherine Hutter & with a forward by Hermann J. Weigand) sits snuggly in Meros' front pocket.

Men and women, in nature. Note the presence of Patrick Crewdson and his significant other. Also note the scarf worn by Mr Ong, and how the photographer has pre-empted his hair slicking.

Lawrence & Gibson author William Dewey sups the Montana (on his birthday!) while his pal Al who designed the cover for the most recent Helen Clark edition eyes the camera. A bearded man gesticulates.

Meros exhibit A

Meros exhibit B

Meros exhibit C

Feeding time for the mind.

For the reading we had six folks associated with the collective pick up a book and wander around like a troupe of troubadours. We let on that if anyone was bored with a section they could just go and stand next to someone else who was reading. Fun for all.

The end of the night. The fluorescent sky, the hard floor. The book takes to the hills. We hear its mating call. All sleep keenly.