Positive... that's good!

Richard Meros and Lawrence & Gibson have new boyfriends and girlfriends in the publishing game. Crikey, I remember back in '05 when www.scoop.co.nz wouldn't post our first release On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover because they thought the concept breached their good taste guidelines (and who would want to get offside with the PM?).

And now Leah Duran (reviewer) and Jeremy Rose (editor) have published this tasty number on Beggars and Choosers:

Wanna pash?

I do feel, though, that the word "lilting" ought to be banished. or maybe I am in favour of it and will use it unsparingly. The unenlightened might think of "lilting" as a cross between limp and wilting.

As a publisher, I read for snippets to place on back and front covers. Duran provides us with "(a) devilishly clever work of satire", "Though CNZ and Meros’ relationship is often fraught with heartbreak, it is a joy to watch the progression as it blossoms into this darkly hilarious collection", and "worthy of exposure to the wider Aotearoa audience". This final quote is taken completely out of context and does not refer to the book itself, but to what CNZ ought to do.