An Annual Report

The year is over and I am quite happy. Lawrence & Gibson has released two books this year: one by Mr Meros and one by Mr Dewey. We have expanded the outlets for our books to about 25, and only had one feud with a bookstore. We are in debt to one bookstore by less than a hundred, but are owed more than a thousand by another bookstore. We expect to remedy the latter of those situations in the new year.

We have advanced one media feud this year while we have failed at advancing one with Kim Hill. The latter was borne of an affection for Greg Malcolm - follow the hyperlink and listen to the tracks. We have advanced a number of media partnerships, in particular with the Theatre folks who put on Richard's play and also with Rebel Press who have helped with printing the eight hundred copies of this and that which passed through our collective hands this annum.

The fiscal situation of the collective is piquant, despite having the mad artist/collective split of 50/50 of any profits. Debt is zero and assets have ballooned. Most invoices are now on a standard printed form, though we do number them haphazardly. This blog has been developed... and that is a good enough place to stop.

Our new year's resolution is to sell all our copies of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm and to be able to convert our Paltry Pacific Pesos into Powerful Pound Sterlings, thus rendering the quantity abysmally small, given the 0.38p:$NZ1 ratio. Nevertheless, we do wish to pay up and feel like real humans. In related authorship: our congratulations to Sunny McCreary and his blindingly funny ribbing of the Misery Lit genre. Demand it now from a Unity Books near you!