Wards for Awards

On Sunday a representative from the Lawrence & Gibson publishing collective was sent to mingle with the co-nominated at the Chapman Tripp theatre awards. We are pleased to note the plural successes of the evening, of which the only publishable is Arthur Meek winning Best New Actor, for his role in On the condilezzas and pastabakes of Helen Clark demanding satisfaction and the ensuing fury.

I have had a communique from Mr Meros who sez that he is working on a sequel to that first novel. 'What now? It wasn't me? Has anyone fed the chickens yet?' and other questions will be posed and dispatched. The summer days are still getting longer. Twelve more days until the longest day down here, and the shortest up there, in the north.

Meditations on bird chirps: bad vibrations for taxi fleets: clean castrations to annul the Beats.

In other news: I read a book the other day that had the word barycenter in it. Now you've read it online.