Lawrence and Gibson shan't be very active over the next few months, I am afraid. With Meros abroad there will only be a few tidbits. In other news, maybe W Dewey will be on his way to them United States in the winter.

In other News I read, Hubert L Dreyfus' On the internet and was pretty disappointed on the whole. Then I saw it was published in 2001 and I thought, "oh well..." (the temporal limits of teh book were also noted by Dreyfus).Still, his use of Soren Keirkegaard was great, though he did not link Soren's admonishing of the press with the timing of the Corsair Affair. I'm sure he did, but he read too much into the injured Keirkegaard, and it makes me wonder if he was similarly besmeeched by some internet chatroom troll. It was a good final chapter though, and the introduction was good.