Arts and Sundays

Fluidly speaking, Meros am to appear on Arts on Sunday 'Laugh track' session on Sunday the 30th of January. But in all truthiness the show has been pre-recorded. Asides from introducing the Abbie Hoffman segment with "but....." it all went as swimmingly as if I had once hosted a student radio show.... "but...." Listen in at 2pm for a dolloping of Don Franks, Amiri Baraka, Abbie Hoffman and Joe Tex. It is what it is, a famous old man once said.

So that is two appearances on the show and not a lady in sight. I mean, at least Nick Cave dueted with women, but me.... me!... I just treat them as secondary characters. I mean, I don't just do that, but that would be the critique of certain figures got their paws on the critical review editorial positions.