Meros again

Richard Meros excitedly emailed me today with the following:

Collective members,

I have been making wondrous progress on my book called Dating Westerners: Tips for the New Rich from the Developing World. I have inserted  the following sentence, it has taken me all morning to sculpt it just right, but here it is: "Aha - touché!"

Is it not... not beautiful?


I replied with the following:


You've sired a champion phrase. But will the book be ready to be included in our releases for the first half of this year or is it more of something for the second half? Do you not know that you made promisary notes in our name? What happens when rent is due and we do not yet have the third and foruth parts of your tome to the presses? To the devil in the dale, bygod!

James Marr
Editorial assistant
Lawrence and Gibson Publishing Collective
Hamilton Office