Places to visit before you die: New Zealand and Australia




New Zealand/ Australia with Victoria Williams

3 - SFBH - Wellington, NZ

4 - Kings Arms - Auckland, NZ

5 - Harbour Light Theatre - Lyttleton, NZ

9 - East Brunswick Club - Melbourne, Victoria, Aus

10 - The Factory Theatre - Marrickville, NSW, Aus

11 - The Troubadour - Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Aus

(when i posted this I was aware that it was sort of off-key. the thing was that V.C. visited NZ in July and killed himself on Christmas Day of the same year. what can I say.... what can any of us say... all we can do is repeat lyrics....

"And still she sang "i can't believe you own this attitude"                "
She sang "i can't believe you own this, this attitude"

But in lighter moment, V.C. ("she closer her new directions paperbook and screamed "there is no shelter in the arts" ") tells us other things.... "had she been bedding down with others in the periphery without him?"

and she replied "Hell yes! ain't it funny!" - one really needs to hear it sung: