Paper Crushes

Semiotext(e) (NYC, USA)

I would say that they probably have offices with frazzled interns. They’re the best at selection and cost if one excludes those bookwallahs at Ferozsons in Lahore. You know, Chris Kraus got out of WGTN at just the right time. Or, as de Botton would say, did she?...

Seagull Books (Kolkata, India)

I would say I went there and wiped my greasy kati roll fingers on their imprints. Then I spent a day in their library reading up on Marshall McLuhan and hijras. Then I went to their art gallery. Then I tried to convince a magazine that I should write an article about them. But alas, ‘twas nixed.

Dalkey Archive Press (Champaign, London, Dublin)

I found out about this press from a pal of AD. How else do crushes evolve? Crushes on presses.  And how does one get over a crush? You smell that which crushes.And these folk are the new New Directions with such glamour stars as Edouard Leve, Joshua Cohen and that Oulipo reader (and 10000000 other books kept in stock!)