Four and a half Kropotkins out of five aint bad

While trawling the net in my own version of the Ukrainian fisherman paid NZ$250 a month to live and work on ships off New Zealand's coasts I came across what is ostensibly the first review of RK Meros' Privatising Parts in the Worker's Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand magazine Spark. The review is by Wellington socialite (not socialist) Joel Cosgrove. It can be observed as a pdf online. Or in hard copy whereever Marxist-Leninist ideologies are lodged. Personally, I'm a Leninist-Marxist, but it is not time for another splinter group, is it? Anyhow, let's hope the far-right libertarians get their act together. Or maybe that Chap-Man would be more interested in Meros forthcoming Dating Westerners: tips for the new rich from the developing world?

Finally, it will be interesting to see how Cosgrove's erudite yet working class analysis plays against that of the forthcoming review in the booshwah media. I'd expect Cosgrove to win by TKO in the seventh, which is coming in at odds of 13-2.