Between reading and listening

A cover of clay: relic of literature from the days before the
advent of modern glue-based binding technology. 

NEWS from William Dewey, second most prolific L&G author, but certainly possibly the most handsomest at a dinner party where one or two of our other authors are away, and another is in the bathroom. We recently, with him and our crack marksmen of text, drafted the following:
Have you ever wished you could read a book while you were driving your car, and dismissed the notion as outlandishly reckless?
Or are you the sort of person who likes to run around, say, a park, or in place on elaborate gymnastic machines, and find yourself wishing for some way to divert your mind from the tedium?
Or do you find sometimes that you are simply too intoxicated to focus on little printed letters on a page (paper or otherwise)?
Well, have we got a plan for you? (A: Yes, we do.)
Lawrence & Gibson and Maybeparade have teamed up to bring you an unprecedented new medium for literature, recording the author reading his work (out loud) with the very same kind of highly advanced technological equipment you might expect to find in a studio where heretofore only musicians would have dared to tread.
Beginning in 2013, you will be able to listen to The Homeland of Pure Joy.