New Books

It is a six weeks off from the winter equinox in the southern hemisphere. The sun's arc aint so bold and the wine is almost ready to be mulled. What is the place of hibernation for a publisher? Is it anything but - for large mammals in their man and woman caves need nought much more than a good keen book. Let us take a moment to remember this quote from Peter Sloterdijk's Bubbles: Spheres 1 (and let us also anticipate Globes: Sphere 2 and Foam: Spheres 3):

"Even those who do not believe in angels or doppelgangers can rehearse the secrets of pre-personal friendships with their closest sleep-helpers, and whoever has no friend can at least have a blanket. The theory of With-projections will not least permit a psycho-historical deduction of bed cultures."

The irony being that it was in a bed, with a book, where I read those words. And so without further ado  I shall hint at books to come. Three for later in the year. There are strong hope for Brannavan Gnanalingam to have completed his Parisian novella in time for production, and we will see what bolts from other stables.


What is this culture that we draw from? These people - their climactic bios revealing themselves in some inoffensively packaged tomes. What is this thing? What is this thing that is happening right now, Lawrence and Gibson?
Lawrence (l) and Gibson (r)