William Dewey reviewed in The NZ Listener

In the issue of New Zealand's The Listener, Lily Richards reviews William Dewey's The Homeland of Pure Joy, release late last year by us, Lawrence & Gibson. The review is behind a pay-wall to encourage fans and future-fans to buy the shiny papery product that lurks in news-stands. Or to subscribe online. Here's - sin embargo - the link. It features some pleasant opening lines:

"Riffing on sex, love and Martin Heidegger, The Homeland of Pure Joy is an astute and enjoyable observation of first loves, true loves and Wellington as city and mistress."

And for the edification of all, here is a Hannah Arendt quote from a Toby Manhire piece that is on the same website:

“To talk about thinking seems to me so presumptuous that I feel I owe you a justification.” - Hannah Arendt, Thinking and Moral Considerations