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Willis St, Wellington: Angela Oliver from Booksellers NZ reviews Thomasin Sleigh's Ad Lib and offers these choice words, plus more: "This tale, like fame, is nebulous and ever-shifting. It is beautifully written, intriguing, oddly captivating and makes for a compulsive read. Literary and thought-provoking."

The Terrace, Wellington: Lynn Freeman interviews Thomasin, again, about Ad Lib. While it is joyous to listen to it live, knowing all others are tuned in, that the energy of the RNZ stratos is all focussed in on those ideas... well, while all of that, one can also listen to all 11m24s at a later date. You can do that here.

Cumberland St, Dunedin: Landfall will soon publish the most in-depth account of Brannavan Gnanalingam's You Should Have Come Here When You Were Not Here yet. Here is a link to that.