Still got all our fingers and toes...

We're in our tenth anniversary year and have celebrated by producing a gorgeous little booklet (94 pages; 140x145mm) highlighting our releases. It is half catalogue, half archive, collecting emails, excerpts and ephemera from across our eight authors.

Here's an excerpt from our editor, Mr Stephens, on the warrant for such an endeavour:

And a few more pics of the cover and inside. The book will be free to those interested - the question is, how to get a copy... any sales for the next couple of months will receive one, but from there it will be up to serendipity.
Anyone desiring one, however, can pay the postage + packaging and we'll whip one your way at cost (NB: some of the margins are a little tight in places, consider this an objet d'art, valuable due to its hand production plus individual glitches) :

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