Aljce in Therapy Land

Aljce in Therapy Land 978-0-473-59379-7


Aljce in Therapy Land by Alice Tawhai

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"On her first day the sky had a salmon tint to it; after the rain, and before the cloud entirely cleared, as if it had been put into a washing machine with roses. Someone was probably really annoyed at the way they had run. Aljce parked in the asphalt car park outside the Therapy Hub. She was looking forward to her new job. It would be an exciting adventure with new challenges."

Aljce in Therapy Land is the first novel from Alice Tawhai. She is best known for her short story collections Dark Jelly, Luminous and Festival of Miracles (all released through Huia). This story traverses workplace bullying, online relationships and stoned friendships, with a good measure of Wonderland added in.

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ISBN: 9780473593797