The Homeland of Pure Joy by William Dewey


The Homeland of Pure Joy
William Dewey

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On a misty morning in Wellington, New Zealand,
actor and émigré Parker Flynn sees a ghost from a past life. The vision unleashes a torrent of memories about his first love from his days at university in the United States, and Parker is shocked at the power of the emotions those memories evoke. Amending his original plans for the day, Parker begins a trek to find this woman and confirm her identity, and to understand her place in his life. In a misadventure that could prove disastrous or enlightening, Parker attempts to reconcile his feelings for people and places in his past with the vivid opportunities of the present.

William Dewey was born in Denver, Colorado and wandered the United States for years before heading to New Zealand in 2007, finding there a temporary home and an enduring muse. His novel Without a Soul To Move was published by the Lawrence and Gibson Publishing Collective in 2008 and was lauded by the Onion A.V. Club as “a book that should translate anywhere. It offers a rare, honest look at the daily trivialities that make life matter.”