Easy Whistle Solo, by Richard Meros

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Easy Whistle Solo, by Richard Meros

If the exact trajectory of the author of this book is extended via the present, linear direction then in 2029 the author will be the protagonist of this book. If the exponential trajectory of the author’s first love is also mapped then this book will chart a future as clear as the arc of the sun. If all turns out as
suggested then Easy Whistle Solo will be as much a tale of revelation as it is a novel.

Oh yes!: it is easy to whistle by your self. You can whistle for an afternoon, or you can whistle for a whole life. Richard Meros found his tune and whistled his way to 49 years of a life left alone to over-zealous, but under-appreciated writing and escapist travel. When he meets the daughter of a woman who had consumed his love — aorta and all — he is thrust back into his compelling world of lust, confusion and absurdity.

Some words of praise for other works by Meros:

“...every establishment, however small, needs an underdog to nip at its heels. In Wellington, the artist known as Richard Meros and the publishing collective, Lawrence & Gibson, have emerged as the pack with loudest yaps and the best-placed nips.” —The Dominion Post, 2011.

“gleefully scattershot satire” —NZ Listener, 2011

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ISBN: 978-0-473-21922-2
Release date: November 2012