Giant Slugs, by A D Jameson

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Giant Slugs, by  A D Jameson

"I lay down and snuggled my way back underneath the afghan, munching on my chubby ape doll’s leafy bittersweet ears. I slept; I dreamt no more. But I never regained the bazaars or resumed the sand chase, and I never embarked on the one-year trip befitting my noble blood. For that night, while I dozed, great Uruk, my home, was invaded by giant slugs."

Exiled, ousted, put out by those oozing outsized interlopers, denied his true inheritance, his due kingly crown—so begins this epicene narrator's epichorial wanderings (part epicrisis, part epicedium) in this largely silly, slightly filthy, pun-laden Epicurean retelling of the ages-old Epic of Gilgamesh.

"I admire A D Jameson to the point of being disturbed by him." —Gabriel Gudding, author of Rhode Island Notebook and A Defense of Poetry

"Told in a style unlike any other—a dazzling prose-poetry-comedy like some jackdaw Professor of Everything colliding fragments of ancient myth, world culture and modern ephemera into a multi-coloured verbal collage—Giant Slugs is startlingly, refreshingly original and more than a mere novelty." —Michael Kelly, author of Ulrich Haarbürste's Novel of Roy Orbison in Cling Film.

About A D Jameson

A D Jameson is a Chicago based writer. In 2011 his Amazing Adult Fantasy collection was also released through Mutable Sound. He contributes to Big Other and is the nonfiction/reviews editor of Requited.

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ISBN: 978-0-473-18835-1
Release date: February 2011