Without a Soul to Move, by William Dewey

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Without a Soul to Move, by William Dewey

In Denver, Colorado, three men are trying, with strange elegance, to extract meaning from their wilting lives: Howie struggles with the demise of a love that was never quite whole to begin with; Wayne attempts to create a world defined by his absence; and Adam plots a quixotic war against suffering itself. Their wonderful, relatively sane efforts, from solipsistic social experimentation to vicarious relationship counselling and the late-night excursions of a costumed vigilante (with a slightly less committed sidekick), all coalesce as the winter confines of a snowbound Denver close in around them.

With graceful writing and an easy understanding of the humour and sadness of the everyday, Without a Soul to Move reveals the brilliant and complex shadows cast by the seemingly ordinary.

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ISBN: 978-0-473-13451-8
Release date: August 2008